Development of the Yii Framework based on PHP

Yii FrameworkIn our web development practice, frameworks based on PHP development are important for the implementation of flexible applications for our clients. We build them as layered structures which indicate the kinds of programs that should be built, and how these programs should interrelate.
The Yii framework is a modern high performance PHP framework which is provided with a host of useful features, such as caching, authentication, testing, etc. We offer it as an important means that can reduce web development time to a significant extent. The caching support of Yii is truly impressive, and our practice has shown that it is the best PHP framework for working with AJAX.
The reason why we dedicate a lot of effort to the building of Yii as part of PHP development is that clients can be provided with a clean code which is easily reusable. Thanks to it, there is a clear separation of the logic and the presentation.
We are also dedicated to developing the Yii framework because in terms of security it is absolutely rewarding, including validation of input, output filtering, SQL injection, as well as prevention of across site scripting.
The name of the Yii framework is a promise in itself, being derived from the exclamation “Yes, it is!”. With its excellent performance optimization, Yii is a great choice we can offer our clients for projects of any sizes. But the full capabilities of this framework based on PHP development are deployed when we offer it for more sophisticated applications of enterprise large scope. We can promise clients that with it they will have complete control over their entire computer configurations. Thanks to the tools contained in the Yii framework, testing and debugging of application is easy, and the clear and copious documentation included facilitates its use at any time.