ActionScript: a Language for Website and Application Development

ActionScript is an object oriented language which is a superset of the JavaScript language. It is used in website development as well as software development which aim for the Adobe Flash Player platform. The language is an open source one, it is available free, with an open source compiler and an open source virtual machine: Apache Flex and Mozilla Tamarin, respectively.


In the beginning, ActionScript was designed to be used in the controlling of simple 2D vector animations which are created with the aid of Adobe Flash. Later its functionality expanded, and the language is now used in the development of web based games as well as rich Internet applications –streaming media, video and audio, are included.


The ActionScript 2.0, which is more suitable for the development of Flash applications, was introduced later. With the capability for scripting items instead of animating it, not only time is saved, but also the flexibility of editing is increased. ActionScript 3.0, introduced in 2006, came as a new version which was to be complied and used on the completely rewritten virtual machine of the language. That is why the language code is designed for the 9th version of Flash Player and has a tenfold increased speed of execution.


The 3.0 version of the langage is used when solutions are developed for the Android and the iPhone operating systems, and the benefits of enhanced functionality and speed are used in the application development projects. ActionScript mobile applications are created with Flash Builder and are based on the Adobe AIR, a development tool which is a frequent tool for the development of platform independent applications which can be run on desktop devices. In the course of the development of AIR applications, HTML, Ajax, as well as the AIR software development kit are made use of.