Applications Development and the Role of JavaScript

Applications development includes all the stages from the initial conception stage through the developing stages to reach the final deployment and manifestation of the ready applications which meet different usage purposes. Applications conceived and developed with JS and other development tools can be prepared to meet specific client needs for custom software, they can be developed to meet perceived needs of sets of potential users of these applications – with commercial software applications and open source applications; finally, they can be developed for personal use – with personal applications development some activities can be easily automated to spare efforts and time.


JavaScript is a specific programming language which is becoming more and more common in different application developing, in games development too, as well as in the designing of desktop applications.  The JavaScript language is a scripting one which includes dynamic typing. It relies on the C language for its syntax type. There are also other languages which serve as the basis for JavaScript and the development of applications, such as the Self language and the Scheme language – programming languages which supply the key principles of designing in JS. In applications development, the use of JavaScript is extensive.


With JavaScript, a multi paradigm language, different programming styles: object oriented, functional, imperative, can be supported. The language can be used in applications development outside the scope of web pages too. Examples of usage include PDF documents, desktop widgets, as well as site specific browsers. With the newer JS virtual machines and frameworks which boast higher speeds, the popularity and usage of JavaScript in server side applications is also increasing. Virtual machines are software based virtual computers which can be based on specifications in order to emulate computer architecture, and thus virtual machines can function like real computers to be used in applications development.